Aqua Cycle Rentals

Aqua Cycle Trike Rentals, Lake Tahoe, CA Aquacycles are like oversized tricycles that let you pedal across the lake. They're super stable and easy to use, making them perfect for family fun. Here at North Tahoe Watersports, we provide reliable and safe aquacycle rentals.

These stable, pedal-powered marvels let you explore hidden coves and witness breathtaking mountain views at your own pace. Imagine feeling the cool spray on your face as you glide past stunning scenery – a refreshing and unforgettable way to experience the region's beauty alone or with your family and friends.

There are many reasons to choose Aqua Cycles, such as:

Safe Fun for All Ages

  • Unlike powerful jet skis, Aqua Cycles are perfect for calmer waters, allowing families to explore coves and scenic areas at a leisurely pace, minimizing risk and creating a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Aqua Cycles are typically wider and more stable than kayaks, making them ideal for young children or inexperienced paddlers, translating to less worry and more enjoyment for parents.
  • We provide life jackets for all riders with our Aqua Cycle rentals ensuring everyone stays safe on the water.

Family-Friendly Features

  • Many Aqua Cycles come in tandem configurations, allowing parents and children to ride together, which is great for bonding and creating lasting memories.

Relaxing Activity and Quality Time

  • Aqua Cycles allow families to cruise along the shoreline, taking in the breathtaking beauty of Lake Tahoe's mountains and crystal-clear water.
  • Compared to bustling beaches, these water toys offer a more peaceful way to enjoy the lake, allowing families to connect and have quality time away from the crowds.
  • The cycles are typically pedal-powered, requiring minimal effort for a relaxing family outing. As a parent, you won't be exhausted before the fun even begins!
For us, your fun and safety is our priority. As mentioned, all our non-motorized rentals, including aqua cycles, come with free paddles and life jackets (PFDs). We want you to explore the beauty of Lake Tahoe with complete peace of mind.

Aqua Cycle Trike Rentals

Whether you're seeking a unique way to explore the lake's stunning vistas or simply looking for a fun, eco-friendly activity, our Aqua Cycle Trike Rentals offer the perfect solution. Glide over the crystal-clear waters with ease and enjoy a moment of peace or a joyful outing with friends and family. With no motors involved, you'll experience the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe up close, all while staying active.

Our Price: Aqua Cycle Trike - $50 per hour.
All non-motorized equipment rentals include paddles and PFDs (Life Jackets).

For information about our aqua cycle rentals, contact us here:

North Tahoe Watersports, Inc.
Kings Beach State Recreation Area
8400 N Lake Blvd, King's Beach CA 96143
Please call us at 530-546-9253.

In addition to our popular Aqua Cycle Rentals, we offer a variety of other water sport rentals to enhance your Lake Tahoe experience. Choose from paddleboarding, kayaking, and even thrilling Jet Ski and boat rentals for an unforgettable adventure on the water. Interested in learning more or ready to book? Simply fill out our Online Form, and we will promptly contact you with all the details you need. For your convenience, you can also directly book a paddleboard and other equipment right from our website. Dive into your next Lake Tahoe exploration with us and create lasting memories on the water!

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